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My career choice was defined by my parent's shop, the Carat Patch. Formed in 1972 in Honolulu, Hawaii; this is where I spent my weekends, and where I would sometimes go after school. The jewelers in the backroom were what inspired me to become the master jeweler I am today.

I have spent more than half of my life perfecting my craft. I am in love with creating pieces of art. The magical process of designing a piece makes me forget about the tedious, and difficult labor that comes along with it. I have shared thousands of moments with my customers throughout my long career as a master jeweler. Revealing what I have crafted for my customer is a moment I always hold dear.

My desire is to make objects that carry meaning that defines a part of the wearer's heart and spirit.

Work History:

Carat Patch Designs      - Lexington, Kentucky           1989 - 1994

Engle and Morgan         - Cincinnati Ohio                  1990 - 1996

Soulmates Jewelry         - Cincinnati, Ohio                 1996 - 2016

Peter Denbeau Designs - Cincinnati, Ohio                 2016 - Present

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