sapphire cab necklace
opal ring2
tribal solitare
diamond engagement ring side
diamond engagement
sapphire tourmaliine earrings-1
tourmaline pendant
tourmaline earrings
flaming arrow
green sapphire earrings
elephant fist~bump
byzantine coin
butterfly kissing a sunflower
cross 18k
rose gold anticlastic kites
earthen diamond dangles
8mm phi  earring rose gold
8mm phi earring
anticlastic yellow kites
tribal butterfly
turquoise and diamond necklace
tribal butterfly sapphire
chuckies bling bomb
mint tourmaline ring top
cupids spear
cross ring
constantine cross
aquamarine pendant
charb standing up
asscher studs
grape garnet earrings
sg30 top
diamond engagment ring
diamond ring sapphire halo
cupids arrow head saturated
phi band
stack rings
pink sapphire earrings
ruby ring
diamond bracelet
sapphire pendant
turquoise ring
ruby and diamond ring
moissenite pendant
zircon earring
diamond ring2
diamond ring
diamond band cropped

I was the head jeweler at Soulmates Jewelry and Custom Design for twenty years. In that position, I created over 3000 original jewelry designs for custom orders and for the retail sales floor. My new studio isn't retail-- it's a space that allows for greater focus and attention to detail which results in higher quality jewelry at lower prices than previously offered.